A runner for Gitea based on act.
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act runner

Act runner is a runner for Gitea based on act.



make build


./act_runner register

And you will be asked to input:

  1. Gitea instance URL, like You should use your gitea instance ROOT_URL as the instance argument and you should not use localhost or as instance IP;
  2. Runner token, you can get it from;
  3. Runner name, you can just leave it blank;
  4. Runner labels, you can just leave it blank.

The process looks like:

INFO Registering runner, arch=amd64, os=darwin, version=0.1.5.
WARN Runner in user-mode.
INFO Enter the Gitea instance URL (for example, https://gitea.com/):
INFO Enter the runner token:
INFO Enter the runner name (if set empty, use hostname:Test.local ):

INFO Enter the runner labels, leave blank to use the default labels (comma-separated, for example, ubuntu-20.04:docker://node:16-bullseye,ubuntu-18.04:docker://node:16-buster):

INFO Registering runner, name=Test.local, instance=, labels=[ubuntu-latest:docker://node:16-bullseye ubuntu-22.04:docker://node:16-bullseye ubuntu-20.04:docker://node:16-bullseye ubuntu-18.04:docker://node:16-buster].
DEBU Successfully pinged the Gitea instance server
INFO Runner registered successfully.

You can also register with command line arguments.

./act_runner register --instance --token <my_runner_token> --no-interactive

If the registry succeed, it will run immediately. Next time, you could run the runner directly.


./act_runner daemon