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# Script to convert Saved Messages copied out of Telegram Messenger
# (Desktop) into note-to-self emails in IMAP (requires
# Works on GNU/Linux and Mac versions of Telegram Desktop as of 2018-04
# but not mobile versions. NB they can select only 100 messages at a time,
# but if you have a version of Telegram Desktop published after 2018-08,
# it can export entire conversations to HTML by itself.
# This version assumes no paragraph breaks in messages.
from imapfix import do_multinote
to_real_inbox = False # True if --*-inbox version
import time, sys
for p in"\n\n"):
head,msg = p.split("\n",1)
subj = msg.split("\n",1)[0][:60]
if msg==subj: msg = ""
timestamp = head.rsplit("[")[1][:-1] # 30.04.18 20:02
tdate,ttime = timestamp.split()
dd,mmm,yy = tdate.split('.')
hh,mm = ttime.split(':')