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# Create quick index.html from pictures directory
# Silas S. Brown - public domain
# use with (e.g.) webfsd -f index.html # port 8000
if test -e index.html; then
echo "Error: index.html already exists"
exit 1
(echo '<html><body style="overflow-x:hidden;margin:0">';
for F in *.jpg *.JPG; do if test -e "$F"; then
case "$(exiftool -list "$F"|grep ^Orientation|sed -e 's/.*: //')" in
("Rotate 90 CW")
echo "<div style=\"display:table\"><div style=\"padding:50% 0;height:0\"><img style=\"width:auto;height:calc(100vw - 31px);display:block;transform-origin: top left; transform: rotate(90deg) translate(0,-100%) ; margin-top: -50%; image-orientation: none\" src=\"$F\"></div></div>"
# for 270 CW or 90 CCW, use rotate(-90deg) translate(-100%) :
# The image-orientation part is to turn off the automatic EXIF reading in newer browsers, because we're supplying it for older browsers
echo "<img style=\"width:100%; height:auto;\" src=\"$F\">"
echo "$F" 1>&2
fi; done ) > index.html && du -h index.html && exit