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This is a template repository to quickly get you started developing your own Gitea API-consuming Go application.

A quick guide to use this template:

  1. create a new repo based on this template to get started: 'use this template' button
  2. install a recent golang version
  3. check out and run the example:
    git clone ${REPO_HTTPS_URL}
    cd ${REPO_NAME}
    GITEA_TOKEN=<your token here> go run .
    You can get an API token from your Gitea account settings. If you feel adventurous, modify this client instead to obtain a token through username/password authentication!
  4. check out the documentation of Gitea's go-sdk
  5. write your own awesome client!
  6. add your application to awesome-gitea

Once you created your own repo from the template, feel free to delete this disclaimer.

template license

MIT, © The Gitea Authors


go client interacting with Gitea's API

This repo was bootstrapped with the ${TEMPLATE_NAME} template.




  • vendor/**: see respective licenses