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// Copyright 2020 The Gitea Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// Tea is command line tool for Gitea.
package main // import ""
import (
// Version holds the current tea version
var Version = "development"
// Tags holds the build tags used
var Tags = ""
// SDK holds the sdk version from go.mod
var SDK = ""
func main() {
// make parsing tea --version easier, by printing /just/ the version string
cli.VersionPrinter = func(c *cli.Context) { fmt.Fprintln(c.App.Writer, c.App.Version) }
app := cli.NewApp()
app.Name = "tea"
app.Usage = "command line tool to interact with Gitea"
app.Description = appDescription
app.CustomAppHelpTemplate = helpTemplate
app.Version = formatVersion()
app.Commands = []*cli.Command{
app.EnableBashCompletion = true
err := app.Run(os.Args)
if err != nil {
// app.Run already exits for errors implementing ErrorCoder,
// so we only handle generic errors with code 1 here.
fmt.Fprintf(app.ErrWriter, "Error: %v\n", err)
func formatVersion() string {
version := fmt.Sprintf("Version: %s\tgolang: %s",
strings.ReplaceAll(runtime.Version(), "go", ""))
if len(Tags) != 0 {
version += fmt.Sprintf("\tbuilt with: %s", strings.Replace(Tags, " ", ", ", -1))
if len(SDK) != 0 {
version += fmt.Sprintf("\tgo-sdk: %s", SDK)
return version
var appDescription = `tea is a productivity helper for Gitea. It can be used to manage most entities on
one or multiple Gitea instances & provides local helpers like 'tea pr checkout'.
tea tries to make use of context provided by the repository in $PWD if available.
tea works best in a upstream/fork workflow, when the local main branch tracks the
upstream repo. tea assumes that local git state is published on the remote before
doing operations with tea. Configuration is persisted in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/tea.
var helpTemplate = bold(`
{{.Name}}{{if .Usage}} - {{.Usage}}{{end}}`) + `
{{if .Version}}{{if not .HideVersion}}version {{.Version}}{{end}}{{end}}
{{if .UsageText}}{{.UsageText}}{{else}}{{.HelpName}}{{if .Commands}} command [subcommand] [command options]{{end}} {{if .ArgsUsage}}{{.ArgsUsage}}{{else}}[arguments...]{{end}}{{end}}{{if .Description}}
{{.Description | nindent 3 | trim}}{{end}}{{if .VisibleCommands}}
COMMANDS{{range .VisibleCategories}}{{if .Name}}
{{.Name}}:{{range .VisibleCommands}}
{{join .Names ", "}}{{"\t"}}{{.Usage}}{{end}}{{else}}{{range .VisibleCommands}}
{{join .Names ", "}}{{"\t"}}{{.Usage}}{{end}}{{end}}{{end}}{{end}}{{if .VisibleFlags}}
{{range $index, $option := .VisibleFlags}}{{if $index}}
tea login add # add a login once to get started
tea pulls # list open pulls for the repo in $PWD
tea pulls --repo $HOME/foo # list open pulls for the repo in $HOME/foo
tea pulls --remote upstream # list open pulls for the repo pointed at by
# your local "upstream" git remote
# list open pulls for any gitea repo at the given login instance
tea pulls --repo gitea/tea --login
tea milestone issues 0.7.0 # view open issues for milestone '0.7.0'
tea issue 189 # view contents of issue 189
tea open 189 # open web ui for issue 189
tea open milestones # open web ui for milestones
# send gitea desktop notifications every 5 minutes (bash + libnotify)
while :; do tea notifications --mine -o simple | xargs -i notify-send {}; sleep 300; done
Written & maintained by The Gitea Authors.
If you find a bug or want to contribute, we'll welcome you at
More info about Gitea itself on
func bold(t string) string {
return fmt.Sprintf("\033[1m%s\033[0m", t)