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Gitea Feed Workaround Script

A relatively simple script for generating RSS feeds for commits, releases, and issues on Gitea.


  • Generate feeds for commits, releases, and issues
  • Selectively generate feeds based on the repository visibility
  • Post in-band feed announcements
  • Easily import all feeds in other software as OPML or plain-text
  • Configure and modify easily and freely


  • Computationally inefficient; likely scales poorly with repository count and activity
  • Only sqlite3 databases are currently supported
  • Only GNU/Linux is currently supported
  • No localization support


This script has been confirmed to work with Gitea version 1.11.0. Newer and older versions may work but are untested.


(Animated demo)


  1. Copy to a persistent location.

  2. Edit the variables at the beginning of Variables should reflect the configuration of your specific gitea setup.

  3. Run the script or install it as a system service. The user used to run this script must have:

    • read access to the sqlite database file
    • read access to the git repositories
    • read/write access to output directories

By default, generated files can be accessed at:

  • /_feeds/USER/REPOSITORY/commits.rss
  • /_feeds/USER/REPOSITORY/issues.rss
  • /_feeds/USER/REPOSITORY/releases.rss
  • /_feeds/all/feeds.opml (disabled by default)
  • /_feeds/all/feeds.txt (disabled by default)


This script works by periodically polling Gitea's databases and git directories for recent updates. These updates are aggregated into static .rss files and hosted by a normal HTTP web server. Gitea itself can host these files by placing them in gitea's custom/public directory.

Considered updates are one of the following events:

  • Any repository commit (which appears in commits.rss).
  • Any change to a repository issue (which appears in issues.rss).
  • Any new releases (which appears in releases.rss).
  • Any announcement (which appears in all files mentioned above).

Only a limited number of the updates are included in each feed (with the exception of announcements, which are always included). Updates are sorted by date and only the most recent are included.

The data formats used by this script:

  • RSS Version 2.0 for update feeds
  • OPML Version 1.0 for feed enumeration


If you want to add a "Feeds" tab to each repository page, copy or append extra_tabs.tmpl to the correct location. See the comments at the top of the file for more information.


Announcements are special feed entries that are pinned in all generated feeds. They are derived from files stored in the announcements directory ANNOUNCEMENT_DIR:

  • The title of the announcement is derived from the name of the file.
  • The content of the announcement are derived from the content of the file. Only plain text content is supported.
  • The date of the announcement is derived from the last modification date (as reported by the underlying filesystem).

Announcements are always included in every single feed. They persist until their source files are removed from the announcements directory.


This script can be configured to generate a complete list of every feed it generates. This list is meant to ease importing feeds in other software. By setting ENABLE_GLOBAL_FEED_LISTS to YES, a feeds list will be generated at /_feeds/all/feeds.opml and /_feeds/all/feeds.txt.


When Gitea inevitably introduces feed support, you can use Feed Announcements to let subscribers know about the changes and the migration schedule.


Commercial integration and development support is available. Please send inquires to


The source code of this project is maintained in a git repository at Bug reports and features request are welcome there. You can visit this repository at:

Alternatively, you can report bugs to


Files in this repository are available under the LGPLv3.

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Copyright © 2020 Kutometa SPC, Kuwait All rights reserved. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, this program is provided AS IS with NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING THE WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See accompanying documentation for more details.